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I just bought the 36mm Baader Hyperion to use in my NP101, Svbony 48P and several other scopes. I am hoping that it will perform in low power as a couplement to the rest of my collection of Hyperion / Morpheus eps. Do any fellow astronomers have any personal viewing experiences with this eyepiece that would be of help ? Hopefully tonite will be a first test under supposedly les than average Bortle 4/5 skize.

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The eyepiece is easy to use, light in weight, yields nice bright stars and has a near maximum 2" true field, with a well-behaved exit pupil.

In your scopes, you will see astigmatism in the outer 50% of the field, but since it is such a low power, 15x in the NP101 and even less in the 48P, with a 6.7-7.2mm exit pupil, your own eye's astigmatism may dominate 😄

It isn't the equal of the Morpheus but it is basically OK as a very low power "finder" eyepiece.  The field will remind you a lot of a binoculars image--very wide true field.

Performance of the eyepiece gets a lot better at f/8 and longer.  At f/5-f/5.4, it's being pushed a bit past its limits.

I would use it when you want a truly larger true field view, especially of asterisms like the Coathanger, Kemble's Cascade, the Fairy Ring, etc., or large nebulae like the North America nebula, Veil Nebula, California Nebula, et.al..

It will sharpen up a lot when a nebula filter is added.


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Let us know your thoughts on it once you've had a chance to use it.  The discontinued 35mm Aero ED would have been a viable alternative a few years ago.  At f/6, it's good out to about 75% before astigmatism sets in.  At f/5-5.4, I'm sure it would degrade faster, but I have no way to test that.

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I tried it out last nite with the newly arrived ep, for about an hour, under descriptively lousy skies, SQM-L 19.5-19.8, but thin clouds and associated haziness kept viewing bad for the most part.  The Andomeda Galaxy and M110 looked not bad as did the Double Cluster and a few other open clusters. The Dumbell was no where to be seen. This new 36mm Hyperion under better viewing I think will be okay, to go with the rest. I was just using my 90mm Svbony f5.5 scope and my SW AZ5 mount and my 17.5-12.5mm Morpheus also. Another winner to my collection but I am not a real picky guy who thinks he can control even the nite sky, I take what I can get and enjoy, lol !  PS:  And stars were pin point out to at least 90% with the typical grayish background with Bortle 5 conditions, I made sure to check the pinpointedness all the time in which ever direction I looked, it was constant.


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