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If I do the eq mod on the SkyWatcher az gti, would I need to use tube rings? I've heard you need to be either a contortionist or move the OTA  in its rings? I've no experience with eq mounts so I have no idea. Currently I'm using the fixed vixen bar on my heritage 130p without the eq mod.


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No answers? I will start the ball rolling seeing as i have an AZGTi and have figured what you are asking. It seems like you have got it figured, it isn't going to be easy to get in position to observe with the mount in EQ mode - but that is basically an astrophoto mode to prevent the object rotating as it appears in the image as it is is tracked by the mount. The AZ mode keeps the eyepiece in the same orientation but allows the object as it is seen through the eyepiece to rotate slowly over time - not a problem for observing. You generally do one or the other - I haven't looked through my telescope for years, and since modding it for astrophoto I doubt I could get an eyepiece to focus!

Hope that answers your question.


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It's possible to get 2 piece rotating tube rings that lock and unlock to allow you to rotate the tube to a more convenient position.  Another fix I've seen would be to buy 2 extra tube rings to fasten above and below the mount rings so that when you loosen those rings to rotate the tube it doesn't slip up or down. 


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