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Walking on the Moon

Waning Moon 20th Aug 03:00-04:00 GMT


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Images from this morning. Used the Altair  6" classic Cassegrain with an Altair 290M camera on a Celestron Evolution mount. My obsy is still off limts as undoung the bolts hold the roof is still a stretch following heart surgery.

1000-2000 frames with the best above 60% quality stacked in AS, wavelets care of Registax and final processing in Affinity Photo.

The 6" is a great OTA, but its big drawback is adding a Barlow is a faff., extra rings (which are provided) need to be added, it does not have the same back foucs as an 8" or 11 " SCT

03_21_51 Clavius.jpg

03_28_29 Rupes Recta_Mare Nubium.jpg

03_32_24 Copernicus.jpg

03_33_59 Sinus Iridum_Plato.jpg

03_35_04 Plato.jpg

03_38_09 Sinus Iridum_Sinus Roris.jpg

03_39_21  Aristarchis_Schroters Valley.jpg

03_40_24 Gassendi_Mare Humorum.jpg

03_41_37 Schiller.jpg

03_43_10 Copernicus_Kepler.jpg

03_57_55 Jupiter.jpg

20220820 Moon whole.jpg

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