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NGC 7331 Luminance


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Just for kicks and since I will be away for a few weeks, here is the luminance stack for my NGC 7331 project.  This is a crop of the Deer Licke Gropu--not sure why I cropped it.  Kind of wish I hadn't, but oh well.  A bad falt was playing mishief with the background close to teh galaxy--maybe thats why I cropped it.  Seeing was uncharacteristically good, evidenced by my very flat guide graph.  On the second night (75 of the subs) total rms errors ranged from 0.19-0.24"  FWHM of the second night 75 subs stacked is 1.8".  The first night wasn't as good--so the FWHM of the stack is closer to 2.4.  I tried making an image out of thw 75 subs, but this one is better due to teh greater signal.  I am considering only using sub 2" FWHM subs for this project.  It will take more time but--I am already into it for a month.  

Despite the "greatnes" of the night--I guess it wasn't all THAT, as the stars still seem a bit bloated.  For the full HaLRGB image I will use star removal techniques, but I don't have much luck with that for mono images.

C!!Edge with .7x reducer and ASI 1600.  191 120 sec lum subs Bin 1 (just for kicks--the final image will be binned)


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3 hours ago, ollypenrice said:

Really well done on the dynamic range, Rodd. This one has an ultra-bright core which takes some controlling.


Thanks Olly--I agree.  Its a tough core.  On screens that can't handle the dynamic range it looks burnt out--but on my 4K monitor it doesnt.  Here is a combination of red and lum subs--120 sec, 290 of them....9.6 hours.  This one is  full, uncropped version. I know the background may be a bit dark--better than the alternative I think



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