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ASIAIR V1 issue

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Hello guys,


My ASIAIR v1 suddenly stopped working. I either have the red led flashing every 2 or 3 seconds or no led at all. I tried formatting the SD card and reinstalled the firmware but when I go back to the app, the firmware update gets stuck on 1% and it just says auto reconnecting and nothing happens(after 30+ mins). Do you guys have any idea what's happening?



If Iturn off the asiair, the next time i start the app it says service unconnected. I'm connected to the wifi but the app is not recognizing the asiair anymore.




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Sorry to hear you're having difficulties. I also have a v1 and I've never had a problem anything like that. Mine has always worked perfectly,  apart from once and a simple switch off/ switch on fixed that. 

Suggestions to help:

Delete/ forget the ASIAir WiFi record on your phone, reboot it to remove any remaining data and then recreate the as6 WiFi record

Download a WiFi checking app,  like WiFi Analyzer or Fing, and see if the ASIAir WiFi signal level is good and stable.

Uninstall the ASIAir app from your phone, reboot it to get rid of any lingering traces of the app left in memory and then reinstall the app. 

If push comes to shove, the v1 is a bog standard Raspberry Pi 3. They're as cheap as chips. Get another one and try that. 



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The issue is solved. I contacted ZWO support and they sent me a link with instructions on how to restore the OS. Turns out that the OS version I was using to restore my unit was an outdated and maybe faulty? one (ASIAIR_V1.02) and the new OS from ZWO (ASIAIR_V1.2) worked perfectly. I'm so glad I got it working again cause I really did not want to spend 350+€ on the ASIAIR Plus 😅

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