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  1. 1) Do you have the L bracket? You can mount your scope as in the picture posted by 6footgeek 2) The main advantage of having the tripod lower is for stability. The lower the centre of mass of your setup, the more stable it is. But if you feel your tripod is rock solid then adjust it to a more comfortable height for polar alignment 3) My intervalometer's cable is long enough so I just put in on the ground while imaging. Avoid having cables/weights dangling around because they can introduce vibrations. Here are a few images I made with my Star Adventurer Mini this summer:
  2. Thanks! You'll be surprised at the result these entrey level lenses give I look forward to seeing your images ! Cheers
  3. M31 imaged in a green zone. Managed to get about 30 x 75s subs with my Canon 1200D + Sigma 70-300 @190mm on my star adventurer mini mount. I aligned the mount as best as my patience would let me using drift alignment since I could not see Octans in my polar scope. Wanted to expose for longer but 75s was the max I could go with minimum star trail.
  4. Rho Ophuichi region imaged with a canon 1200D + canon 50mm lens at f2.8. Managed to get about 36min of 1.5min exposures with my star adventurer mini mount. Will try to get more time on this target next time when it's higher in the night sky Cheers
  5. Large Magellagic Cloud imaged in Rodrigues Island last September. Could only get 3 x 90s subs since the sun started to rise shortly after I started imaging. Imaged with a Canon 1200D + Star Adventurer Mini + Canon 50mm @f2.8 Cheers
  6. Thanks everyone Really appreciate your nice comments !
  7. Single 41s exposure of the Laggon and Triffid nebula at 214mm. Canon 1200D modded + Sigma 70-300
  8. Thanks for the kind comments guys
  9. Hi guys, I have been looking forward to capturing the great red spot for so long and there it is, Jupiter and the mighty GRS . The warm evenings made it easier to start imaging straight away without having to let the 90mm Mak cool down . Turbulance was at a minimum too which helped with focus but it is still hard to reach perfect focus at such a high magnification with my little Mak. Skymax 90 + ASI120MC + 1.25x barlow Cheers
  10. I have no problem with my Polar Illuminator. It's bright enough for me to see the reticle clearly. The only thing I have with mine is that is does not stay in place even with the adaptor I received(too loose).
  11. Such a great deal! Too bad I'm in the wrong country ?
  12. Wide field shot as Comet 46P cruises past the Pleiades 13 x 45s subs @70mm f/5 Canon 1200D + Sigma 70-300 non APO + Star adventurer mini mount
  13. Had a nice opportunity to image Comet 46P on Sunday when the clouds decided to clear off just before midnight on Sunday 13 x 45s subs at 70mm f/5 Canon 1200D + Sigma 70-300 + Star adventurer mini
  14. Little session from last Friday. My first real image of this target 15 x 1min subs ISO800 @300mm f5.6 Canon 1200D modded + Sigma 70-300mm + Star adventurer mini mount Found out my lens has quite a bit of coma at 300mm f5.6
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