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  1. I used that sigma lens this morning to capture the comet and it did pretty fine. However I was using my star adventurer mini too I did 15s exposures.
  2. How about some budget astrophotography for us people who have modest equipment
  3. Thanks! Yes, the weather has been all other the place in France lately. And I'm in the south of France, in the pink city ^^
  4. I got my 72ED pro a couple weeks ago but the weather has not been nice and I have only got 2 sessions out of it so far. The whole setup balances quite well on the AZ-GTi and stars are nice and sharp! There is still CA but much less that any of the lenses I have which is an improvement for me. So far I'm happy with the setup M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy => 150s subs ISO400 from my light polluted sky for a total of about 40min M27 - Dumbbell Nebula => 150s subs ISO400 for a total of around 1h. There was a thin layer of cloud when I imaged this target which took away some details Cheers
  5. Be careful though cause the AZ GTi has a weight limit of 5kg. it's a really nice little mount and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Here are a couple more shots taken with my Skymax102 M104 - Sombrero Galaxy M57 - Ring Nebula
  6. Well looks like i'll have to buy a 2in UV/IR filter then. More expenses coming my way
  7. I'm looking for a luminance clip in filter for my full spectrum DSLR and a 2in to T2 adapter. Thanks.
  8. I jumped on the 72ED train and ordered one. I hope it get's there soon ^^ For those who own one, is there a filter thread at the front of the lens? My DSLR is fully modded and I only have a 72mm UV IR for DSLR.
  9. In theory you should be able to do 20-30s exposures before field rotation becomes noticeable but i have never tried imaging in AZ mode
  10. Played some more with my mount these last couple nights. First one is Bode's and Cigar at 260mm f7.1. About 20 x 2min exposures guided. Didn't bother going longer because of light pollution. And my latest one, M13 with my Skymax102. 24 x 30s exposures unguided at ISO3200 Pretty happy with the mounts performance so far
  11. If that's the case then I think i'll just get the one that comes at the cheapest price
  12. How do you find it? I read that it's harder to balance with a dslr attached to it since the L shaped ring is not long enough?
  13. Great set of pictures. I'll definitely keep an eye out for a nice deal on the 72ed. I've also found this one that seems to be almost identical to the 72ED. Does any of you know anything about it? https://www.astroshop.de/fr/telescopes/refracteur-apochromatique-ts-optics-ap-70-420-ed-ota/p,62741
  14. Very nice indeed! By the way how do you find the 72ED? I have seen very mixed reviews and from the pictures I have seen there seems to still be a bit of CA on brighter stars? I'm currently looking for a small ED refractor and would have liked the new evolux ed refractor but it does not seem that it will be released any time soon. Cheers
  15. Hi guys, I played with my AZ-GTi yesterday night and had a lot of fun imaging from my window. Gave guiding a shot and did 2 minutes exposures with a 300mm lens. I roughly pointed the setup North using the compass on my phone and did a 1 star alignment and was surprised when the phd graph showed an RMS of about 3" which was fine by me since my polar alignment was not accurate at all. Go To was really nice too (considering a 1 star alignment) and both of my targets were close to the centre at 300mm However I ran into an issue (known issue with the ASI 120MC?) where PHD2 would randomly shift the image or mirror the image which would result in the loss of the guiding star. I had to deal with this all night. Sometimes it would go back to normal after a few seconds but most of the time I had to stop the guiding and start it again but the issue would come back after a couple of minutes. I was very frustrating but I worked through it and capture M5 and M10. M5 : 14 * 2min exposures M10: 21 * 2min exposures Image quality is not the best here because I have a street lamp pointing at my window at about 10m away, but overall I'm happy to have managed to capture these 2 targets. Cheers
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