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  1. Thanks everyone Really appreciate your nice comments !
  2. Single 41s exposure of the Laggon and Triffid nebula at 214mm. Canon 1200D modded + Sigma 70-300
  3. Thanks for the kind comments guys
  4. Hi guys, I have been looking forward to capturing the great red spot for so long and there it is, Jupiter and the mighty GRS . The warm evenings made it easier to start imaging straight away without having to let the 90mm Mak cool down . Turbulance was at a minimum too which helped with focus but it is still hard to reach perfect focus at such a high magnification with my little Mak. Skymax 90 + ASI120MC + 1.25x barlow Cheers
  5. I have no problem with my Polar Illuminator. It's bright enough for me to see the reticle clearly. The only thing I have with mine is that is does not stay in place even with the adaptor I received(too loose).
  6. Such a great deal! Too bad I'm in the wrong country ?
  7. Wide field shot as Comet 46P cruises past the Pleiades 13 x 45s subs @70mm f/5 Canon 1200D + Sigma 70-300 non APO + Star adventurer mini mount
  8. Had a nice opportunity to image Comet 46P on Sunday when the clouds decided to clear off just before midnight on Sunday 13 x 45s subs at 70mm f/5 Canon 1200D + Sigma 70-300 + Star adventurer mini
  9. Little session from last Friday. My first real image of this target 15 x 1min subs ISO800 @300mm f5.6 Canon 1200D modded + Sigma 70-300mm + Star adventurer mini mount Found out my lens has quite a bit of coma at 300mm f5.6
  10. Orion @135mm. Only 10 x 1min subs under light light polluted skies. There was also a very thin layer of clouds. Will try to add more data next weekend if the sky is clear. Star adventurer mini + modded 1200D + Hoya uv/ir cut filter + sigma 70-300
  11. I don't think the issue is focal length because the periodic error(if it really is PE) would still be the same. Plus there are a few people managing long focal lengths quite well with the Mini version. I will have to run more tests.
  12. I would say my polar aligment was good(was doing 50s subs) and some subs had nice round stars
  13. Hello everyone, I was imaging M45 a couple of nights ago with my Star Adventurer Mini and the stars would move up and down(oscillate) as the session progressed. I thought it was normal and that is was due to periodic error. So I decided to try and measure this error. I found that the stars moved 24 pixels(highest position upwards to lowest position downwards) and using a 135mm lens with my 1200D I had a pixel size of about 7" per pixel(according to http://www.blackwaterskies.co.uk/imaging-toolbox/) . That would give me an error of about 168" which is huge, compared to the 50" error that was measured in Phil Hart's test. Now maybe I did something wrong with the calculations. What do you guys think?
  14. Will the UV filter be enough to control star bloat? There are some cheap UV/IR cut filters on ebay but they don't mention at what wavelenght the cut off starts. ?
  15. So I did the mod but things did not go as planned. ? I cracked the LPF1 filter when trying to remove the filter holder. So in the end I just removed everything ? I tried to focus on the moon(with the CLS filter clipped in) and it focused a little before infinity Now my only concern is star bloat ?
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