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Guiding Help needed


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Hi, finally got a modified HD/celestron wedge for the CPC 800 GPS.

What I want to do is put a guide camera on the CPC and remote my 40D piggy backing.

When I get a refractor sorted it will/may go on that.

Can anyone tell me what or which cameras will do the guiding work. Please consider my pockets are getting awful light these days :)

Also talking about refractors.Would this work as a guide scope? http://firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=mercury705



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Hi Guy.

QHY5 would be a decent guide cam.

Something around 66-80mm aperture 400-600mm FL makes a good guidescope.

Get oversize guide rings to allow for future expansion ... I use 5" on my CPC...

Also think about getting a counterweight system for it... it suprising what the mount can handle provided you keep it balanced...


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