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Moon after a long while (Fri 13th May)


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Not having imaged the moon for almost two months, finally had a chance on Fri night.  Quite rusty.  7" f/10 Mak w ASI178MMcool (binned 1 & 2) as well as slightly more mushy closeups w an ASI290MM binned 2x2 w a 2.5x Powermate.

Have been enjoying BV'ing the moon through this setup.


Moon_220030_220513_ZWO ASI178MM-Cool_Gain=233_Exposure=1.8ms_3_qe4_ap813_imppg(220120)_gimp.png

Moon_214645_220513_ZWO ASI178MM-Cool_Gain=233_Exposure=1.6ms_10_qe4_ap2406_imppg(211126t2)_gimp.png

Moon_220800_220513_ZWO ASI290MM_Gain=351_Exposure=2.1ms_25PMbin2_10_qe4_ap428_imppg(220120)_gimp.png

Moon_220930_220513_ZWO ASI290MM_Gain=351_Exposure=2.1ms_25PMbin2_10_qe4_ap612_imppg(220316)_gimp.png

Moon_221417_220513_ZWO ASI178MM-Cool_Gain=233_Exposure=.7ms_bin2_10_qe4_ap916_imppg(220120)_gimp_wm.png

Moon_221300_220513_ZWO ASI178MM-Cool_Gain=233_Exposure=.6ms_bin2_25_qe4_ap1187_imppg(211126t2)_gimp_wm.png

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