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Good day. After optical observing I am affraid I have forgotten how to connect my camera altair 183c to the focal reducer and the meade field de rotator. My Lx200 8" has a male T2 thread on rear of ota and both the reducer and de rotator can connect to this but in which order, the camera without nosepiece has an m42 x0.75 female thread. I have adapters but I may be missing a crucial part? A little help please.


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The usual Meade 0.63 reducer requires 105mm of back focus.

The Altair 183C has a 12.5mm flange distance.

So there's a 105 - 12.5 = 92.5mm gap that needs filling with spacers and the derotater.

The derotater looks heavy, so place that close to the OTA.



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