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  1. Is an lx200 a suitable mount for an altair hypercam 183c?

  2. Is the  8" lx200 suitable for a altair hypercam 183 or is it too much scope?

  3. Hi. Can anyone tell me if an Altair cmos 183c is too much camera on 8"sct lx200? Can I expect issues or just straightforward imaging.
  4. Sorry Alhaurin de la Torre. www.Telescoshop.com
  5. Hi I live in Riogordo and there is a shop in Malaga that sells telescopes and I guess peripherals, There is also another in Alhaurin del Grande the other side of the airport.
  6. Hi guys, just when you thought you could take your LX200R into the darkness.... I set up as per advice and instructions given, follow the easy/auto/1-2star setup and receive the aligment done cue, and tonights best and other options to view named objects alays results in nothing. I use a series 4000 26mm eyepiece and whatever to goto obect is it's not in the viewfinder. a bit of shuffling about with the alt az/dec knobs usually finds the object but it's not ideal given that there's supposed to be 150000 named objects in the D/B. I've tried the reset option set local time / date used the dayl
  7. cheers will give the reset button a try if all else fails. I have a power supply 12V dc 2.5A it functions well but conflicting advice 18V 5A etc so tried the battery option. more advice suggested that I might have the clutches too tight. so much advice, still suck it and see for a newbie.
  8. will give it another go tonight cloud depending. cheers.
  9. Hi Dave. No I live here, I rarely go back to blighty but I may ring him If I need any parts. The AZ lock is a simple flap moves 180deg left to right next to the fine tuning knob. If the lock is "locked" fully the motor works really hard, it actually flattened a set of batteries in an hour. The Dec clutch is tightened just enough to prevent the ota flopping about is this correct. The Park/Home postion is according to the manual for permanent mounting to a pier is that correct. How many sensors are on the device? If it can't get a gps fix will I have to find stars manually ie look through the ey
  10. I started exactly as shown in the photo. Tried auto align and easy align waited for GPS fix all 16 stars in display 2x, re set site location set time GMT+1 the telescope sets level/ tilt etc and the display says cannot not find home ( double negative, does this mean it has found home) probably a sensor fault if problem persists take it in for a service. when you say lock the AZ clutch do you mean fully or just enough to pick up the drive from motor, locking totally will cause damage Y/N?
  11. yes Dave I did read your post thank you. I will try again. The centre point between the 2 stops is about 1.75 turns each way.
  12. Thanks Michael. I do not have an wedge so I will try your suggestions. I have read the manual but in many cases during the explanation to set up, it gives different instructions. Also the manual asks you to refer to figs .. on pg...but these are not clear so not necessarily helpful. So the control panel faces north ie when I am looking at the switch Led and sockets with the RA lock in front of me my back will be to polaris correct? regards. Barry
  13. It originated from UK so unless the previous owner had done this he would have the same difficulties as I, which could explain why it is in such nice condition. However The telescope recognises Seville as my nearest site (which it isn't) and the lat and long seem correct, I am a bit puzzled. Should I be setting up the scope pointing roughly towards Polaris before switching it on? the ring that normally rotates, should that be set in a particular place. I set up buy levelling the tripod, fixing the scope/mount to tripod with the control panel facing southish, so that I and the scope face nort
  14. Hi. I bought a used LX200R and I'm having some difficulty trying to reconcile what the setup instructions say and what the telescope actually does. Auto alignment is not completed because for some reason it cannot find north. At some point the scopes rotation is halted by what seems to be a bump stop. A GPS fix doesn't seem possible because it cannot find home. Now I bought the telescope in UK and I live in Spain so obviously it's previous home was somewhere else. Using the Autostar it now recognises Seville (not the closest city) but not Malaga, but the lat and long co ordinates appear corr
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