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RA n Dec cable failure, skywatcher 200p with eq5 pro mount


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Has anyone ever had RA n Dec cable problems with this skywatcher. A few months ago it was grinding like the gears were not meshing. Then found out it was the Dec cable. Changed it and was OK. Since then I've used it about 6 times and now I can get any power into the motors. I was on a power tank and the mains with an adapter. Nothing, so not able to find or track anything.
Seriously fed up and gutted I actually bought this rubbish.

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When I had an EQ5 I found it was quite reliable.  If you remove the motors but still have them connected to the synscan unit so the motors can run freely, do they or do you still have issues.  If they run freely then the issue is with the mechanical fitment or the mount is binding.

The mount requires 12v at 2.5amps in order to run both motors when slewing.  If the motors or mount was binding, causing more amperage to be drawn then this could take the voltage down to a point where the mount shuts down.

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2 hours ago, newbie alert said:

Don't know how gears can grind by using a cable... Obviously something mechanical rather than power.. worth checking that out first

If a stepper motor loses just one of its 4 or 6 wires, the steps become very erratic and does indeed often sound like grinding etc.

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