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After I process my images on the laptop, I usually transfer the .tiff to my phone via bluetooth. When I open the picture with tiff viewer app the image looks poor.

I'll then open the .tiff with Adobe Lightroom and export it as .jpg for uploading to this forum.

The end result always looks degraded. Is there a better way to go about this?

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Startools can output as tiff, jpeg and png.

I'd love it if ST would allow to output fits as well - I'd like the option to mix and match ST and other software where appropriate, and it's a request I've seen made a couple of times on the ST forums, but Ivo doesn't seem too keen on implementing it. 

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22 minutes ago, The Lazy Astronomer said:

Startools can output as tiff, jpeg and png.

Okay I've just figured out how to do it.

It doesn't show a drop-down menu in the file type for me when saving. It just says 'All files' and I have a manually type either .jpeg, .PNG, etc after the file name to get it to save it in that format.

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