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Which cam on a scope?


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering which of those cameras would be the best choice on a Skywatcher 100ED DS-Pro?

I have a Canon 5D MkII, a 5D, hubby`s 400D and my old 20D.

Now I was wondering which one its the best one to put on the telescope as each cam must have something for or against it.



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Nice selection of "Canons" :)

The full frame sensor on the 5D's are going to give the widest FOV but will show the most vignetting ... also might have some "processing" issues if you want to use DSS... I would go with the 400D APS-C sensor is fairly evenly illuminated especially if you use a MAXDslr connector or T-adaptor to 2" pushfit... If you have to buy the bits the MAXDslr is the better option.


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Cheers psychobilly! A girl can never have enough Canons :mad:

Hm, yes, eventually I am planning to use DSS, but first I might view only... Somehow it seems to be such a daunting task to jump into the astro photography cold water pool.

I might try all the different cams out and see what they produce. With beginners objects that is though :)

Yesterday I have bought the MAXDslr adaptor as this was recommended by someone before.

Thanks for your advice!!!

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