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Manual Dithering Fornax LT2


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I'm looking at manual dithering on a Fornax LT2 Tracker:



Star trail length in pixels

so the trail length in 1 second is 3.4 pixels for a 180mm lens on a D5600, 0 declination ?


I am planning to manually dither, halting the tracking every 8 frames for 10 seconds to force a minimum 30 pixel dither about RA, and adjusting Dec manually using a panorama head and live view to keep the target approximately centered but randomly dithered

I'm using 2 min exposures and 64 frames total, so will do a total of 7 dithers  

I'll re-center the RA manually half way to prevent excessive RA drift and walking

Does this sound reasonable for a manual dithering approach?




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