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As someone who always whinges about most clear sky opportunities being spoilt for DSO imaging by the presence of the Moon, I dedided to take a closer look at the 'enemy' :lol:

As I was out in the obsy last night, 'tweaking' my polar alignment, the presence of the Moon making DSO imaging a waste of time :Envy:, in a moment of madness, I 'dug out' the old Meade LPI, an attached it to the 12" LX200R.

I grabbed a about 150 useful frames with the 'quality filter' set at 60% (the LPI software supposedly sorts the good from the bad), and stacked them in Registax 4.

I don't know what frame rate the LPI has, but its nothing like the DMK cameras.

Anyway, having not used the camera, and imaged the Moon for a few years, I was pleased to get at least some sort of result. Not in the 'league' of you Lunar guys, but a result all the same. :blob8:

With the 3048mm FL of the 12" LX, it gives a very narrow FOV of the lunar surface, at fairly high mag, which I guess isn't helped by the slow frame rate of the camera.

I haven't a clue what the mountain range is in the image, but it just look good, as it came into view. :)

Hopefully, one of you lunar experts will be able to identify it. :)



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LOL at least we can get images Dave ehehhehehe ,good old Moon always there to save the day , not bad image for an Amature Lunar imager ehhehehehhe , focus a little out ,:lol: Appenine Mountain Range ,

Only Joking Dave .

Nice shot .


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