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The Cocoon Nebula


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Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146) is a reflection/emission nebula located in Cygnus 4000 light years away.

It spans 15 light years across and is an interstellar nursery where many new stars are being born.

The bright star at the centre of the nebula illuminates the concentrated molecular gases present that allows astrophotographers to capture its structure.

This was taken two days ago in my Bortle 6 skies when clouds parted for a couple of hours (they have since unexpectedly and annoyingly returned).

Lights: Two hrs worth (4 min subs). Dithered on PHD2. Darks, flats and bias frames also integrated into DSS for image processing - then Photoshopped (CS2).

Canon 650D (modded). Optolong L-eNhance filter. SW200P on HEQ5 Mount (Rowan belt) - guided.

CC's welcome.



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Thank you Mike.

Yes - normal equipment and what it is capable of!!! I found that using starnet to produce a starless image really helped in the processing.

I would like a dedicated ‘Astro’ camera but the chronic bad weather puts me off such an investment. 

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