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It's good to be back!


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Took the telescope out for the first time in 4 months today. It was the only completely clear night this week so I decided not to waste it like so many others these past few months. Went out around 4 pm to look at The Moon, it looked very nice, a bit wobbly but there were moments of great clarity in there. Soooo many craters!

I went back inside for a couple hours then out again. It had gotten dark, sky was still moonlit but Orion was easily visible. Of course I checked out the Orion Nebula. Even with the 70%> Moon out I could still see a hazy, faint "cloud" around this pack of stars. This pack of stars being the Trapezium cluster. I was able to distinguish the 4 components that give it its name, very unique. I have to say its probably my favourite multiple star system (well its the only one I have seen😅). Also visited some double stars in the area. The Orion Belt was also rich in stars.

As for the end (at this point my hands had gone numb from the cold 🥶) I looked at Pollux and Castor in Gemini. Castor is a very nice double! I also tried to find M35 but it was getting too cold and with the Moon out it wasn't an ideal situation. So I decided to go back in, short but a nice session! Anyways, thanks for reading, sorry if these sound uninteresing compared to some other reports I read on here, just wanted to share🙂. Clear skies!


Note: Telescope used is Celestron AstroMaster 102

Eyepiece: Celestron Zoom (barlow 2x used for the moon)

Bortle 6-7 skies according to maps


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