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Meade Polaris 130mm

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I recently bought a Meade Polaris 130mm telescope Newtonian reflector and I am quite disappointed. 

I know that with a beginner telescope you should have low expectations with planetary and deep sky viewing, is which I did. However, I noticed that even with collimation, good atmospheric conditions, allowing telescope to cool to air temp, appropriate magnification (around 120) , not viewing over rooftop and viewing when Jupiter is high in the sky, I still could not see any of the cloud belts in Jupiter nor the Great Red Spot, which I heard should be visible. 

I currently live in a bortle class 6 area, but my viewing area is relatively enclosed in my garden so not much excess light can enter. 

So, my question is whether these eyepieces are of poor quality (and If so, which should I buy), is this telescope not good or if I am just doing something wrong. 

many thanks, 


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Hi Josh. You seem to be saying the right things by not having too high expectations and not trying very high magnification, 120x is usually fine. What country are you observing from?  From the UK Jupiter is not very high in the sky as it gets dark, also it’s way past opposition when it would be much better placed and showing a larger disc.  You’ve mentioned good atmospheric conditions. That can mean different things to different people. Good conditions is not just a clear sky, it’s also a lack of atmospheric turbulence. Even if the sky is cloud free the atmosphere can be turbulent (poor seeing) and that would blur the view with any telescope. The great red spot is not seen all of the time, if it’s on the side of Jupiter facing away from us you definitely won’t see it.

Most eyepieces, even the stock ones supplied with a scope, are reasonably ok in the centre of the field of view. So it’s hard to know how to advise. The BST Starguider eyepieces available from First Light Optics are really excellent value and a definite upgrade from stock ones.

Perhaps view as often as you can, perhaps you’ll have better conditions next or subsequent times.

If it were myself that’s what I’d do, then come back here and hopefully further help will be given.

Keep at it, when success comes you’ll be glad you did👍

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