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Which telescope

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Welcome to the site and enjoy your journey 👍 ask away with any questions, there are some very clever people on here that will offer advice and help.

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On 01/12/2021 at 16:33, Carbon Brush said:

Another welcome to SGL.

With up to £500 to spend, you have a lot of choices.

First of all avoid the online general sellers, department stores, PC world, etc. Buy from an astronomy retailer.
That will ensure you get meaningful and relevant after sales support if you need it.

Now the questions so we can make some recommendations......

Will you be observing from your garden mainly? Off in the car to the open sapces?
Are you in a bright town or city? Lots of light pollution.
Where will you store a telescope? If you live on the 3rd floor, you want something easy to carry.
Do you have the storage space? Does it have to go in a broom cupboard?

We can recommend small refractor scopes, large reflector scopes and all sorts between.
The best scope is the one that gets used the most.


Great post!!

You seem to be extremely knowledgeable. I’m thinking to get my partner a telescope. Are there anyone models under £200 you’d recommend?

I live in a city so light pollution is an issue. My partner hates anything fiddly so easy to set and use is paramount.


Last question are there any online astronomy retailers you would recommend?


Thanks a million !!!

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@Dakuwaqa Thank you for the complimement.
However, my skills and knowledge are not exceptional. There are many others on SGL who put me in the shade.

A £200 budget does restrict your choices, especially having to deal with light pollution.
Are you happy to consider used equipment?
I note in another post you have already purchased a small refractor

What is the journey from storage to observing. Flights of stairs? Couple of doors?
What is the intended observing site like? Overlooked by other properties? Insecurity lights intruding on your viewing area?

Are you UK based? This does affect recommendations on astro retailers (shop/online/both).

Keep asking questions, David.

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