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Venus 21st Jan


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First time I've seen her in weeks. The clouds have been pretty persistent in putting a stop to any optimistic thoughts of getting out, but they had to relent at some point.

I got an Astronomik IR pass filter pretty much exclusively to improve seeing on Venus. It worked very well and gave a surprisingly bright image - it is almost opaque visually. Of course the image was still wobbling, but much less than with G, B or no filter.


Atik 1-HS

300 frames stacked in Registax, each 1/100 sec exposure, 2x drizzled

8" newt and Ultima 2x barlow (f/10).

Astronomik IR PRO (807nm)

Also working on an RGB, but I'm not hopeful it will show any more detail than this shot.


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Thanks Craig

Been thinking about one of those filters myself...

If you can see yourself doing any planetary imaging, definitely go for it. it really calms the image down. I was surprised how bright the image was - I was expecting to be doing 1 second exposures or something! And pretty cheap too...


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