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Hello all!


After wrestling an astrograph-newt for the last 3 months and finally throwing in the towel on that venture - I just needed a win.

Broke out the trusty William Optics GT81IV, (new)Idas NBZ, and the ASIAIR and aimed for a random patch in Cygnus. Well, not super random as I did check it out in DSS to make sure it was not too poorly framed, but its not near any big named nebula in the Swan.

Its only a little over 4 hours with 300s subs at Gain 100, cooled to 0. The 533 just cant get to -10 in the summer. Darks and flats and dark flats, stacked in APP, processed in Pixinsight and finished in Photoshop.

Higher Res on Astrobin! 




Please leave a comment and let me know what you think, good or bad - I need to learn!



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Very pleasing - lots of nebulosity, lots of structure and nice shaped stars. The 533 has done wonders even at -10 degrees.

Personally I'm not a fan of magenta in images but that is me being me, as they say.

As you have PI if you Invert the image and apply SCNR Green then re-invert you can see what removing the magenta looks like but I fully appreciate this is a personal thing and you may be a fan of magenta.

Imaging any part of Cygnus is so rewarding - as is Cepheus come to that.


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