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Help with RAW images with Deepskystacker

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Deepskystacker should recognize your RAW files OK once you tell it which one's to use!

Its an excellent program but sometimes its let down by the interface. When loading your RAW's be sure to set the correct file type in the dialog box otherwise it basically see's nothing? Normally the default file type is JPG once you set it to CRW or CR2 (CANON) you can proceed to load your images for processing etc...

Hope this helps?


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Reading through the DSS blurb Mark it uses dcraw to decode raw files, checking the dcraw supported camera list your camera is supported, so you should be able to open then up in DSS without issue.

If you are loading the files into DSS and then not seeing anything it could be that DSS is still in the process of decoding your raw file, look at the light blue bar at the top of the DSS window, if it's still loading the file the bar will be red, once it's loaded the image it will turn blue again.

You may also need to adjust the gamma for your raws, just to the right of the blue/red bar there is a box that has 3 pointers (triangles) if you left click on the centre pointer you can then use the right arrow key on your keyboard to move the pointer to the right a bit, that should help you to see a bit more of the detail on faint objects in the image as the canon raws usually show up quite dark.

Adjusting the gamma has no effect on the final image after stacking, its there purely to allow you to pull out detail quickly while you are reviewing your images.

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