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M42 / M43 CPC f10 Firstlight Modded 1000D Short HDR stack


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The effects of the moon are obvious, but even so, what great detail! I really think that a modded camera + CLS is the perfect combo.

On my screen the pic looks a little purple Peter, are you planning to add more to this? If not, I'd love the stack to play with :(:D:D

Glad you got some sky, we had nothing.

PS, let me know when your post arrives safely please :)


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Cheers TJ on all fronts :(

Yeah I'll definitely add more... i must have tweaked the alignment a bit whilst re aligning all the scopes and finders because I had to throw away a few subs... no bias frames etc either so need to get them sorted next time and i might drop to ISO400 and take 15,30,60,120 and 240s subs...

Twas a tad purple on my monitor as well but got fed up playing with it...I know most of the "noise" is actually dust and nebulosity which will come out properly with a lot more subs, and in this framing there is no really an area of "black space" OK could falsely blacken the background but it gives a sharp cut off to the Nebulosity which isn't my thing anymore...

I have to try and get teh best out of the F6,3, by usign the CCD-CLS clip in I loose the extra lenght of the Borgt adaptors I sued to use with the 2" Idas so hopefully I have enough room to properly space the camera and still be able to swing through the mount.

Having the 1000D on the 82 with liveview running is a prtty good "EP free" way of doing the alignment all i need to do is draw up and print a bullseye reticle to place over the mointor.

Pity Lunas around at the mment as I really want to test the 350D and 1000D side by sdie to decide on what the permenant setup is going to be...


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