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Autoguiding with CG-5 Mount, with motors.


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Could anybody help me with some advice please. I've read many articles and forums regarding Autoguiding, with the CG-5 mount. A company in the USA is advertising a Guiding kit for the hand controller, in which you modify the unit by installing a ST-4 compatible guide port. The name of the company is Shoestring Astronomy, they sell a kit under the part number GPKIT-EQ. The kit allows RA and DEC guiding. I'm interested in setting up a guided set up on my Celestron C6S scope, as I bought the kit with the motor units, I would like to modify rather than buy a new mount. Has anybody tried this particular kit out? If so what did you think of it? I allready have a DSLR and Philips webcam, what would you recommend as a guide scope? And how would I go around fitting it on my scope/mount? Sorry for all the basic questions, but I'm new to the Autoguiding set up.

Thank you for any advice.

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I tried autoguiding with the CG5-GT (the GOTO version of the model you have, which has a built in ST4-compatible port) and it failed miserably. The mount was simply not accurate enough for autoguiding - far too much backlash.

I may be wrong, I suspect you will do much better trading up to a more suitable mount for guided imaging than trying to modify the CG5.


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