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epsilon 180, fsq106 ed or the borg 100ed f4 help!! pro's and cons

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hi everyone.....................help :scratch:

takahashi fsq106ed

epsilon e180

borg 100mm ed f4 with feathertouch focuser

i was looking at the pentax 100mm f4 but not knowing enough about helical focusers etc i discounted it

i have narrowed my choice down and i could do with some feedback from anyone who owns one of these scopes as it is proving to be a very tough decision for me. I understand there is a disparity in monetary terms between the three and i have put that to one side for a minute as i really need some advice on what would suit my needs

my aims are fast reasonably wide field imaging with a qsi540 mono ccd camera, the camera has the built in filter wheel so i don't think back focus will be to much of an issue even with the e180



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Hi Steve,

I would not bother with the Epsilon180, despite its speed it can cause problems with filters (most filters are rated for f3-f7) not to mention the stories I have heard about the focuser issues on it!!

The borg is great value for money and you can use it at various focal lengths, just like the FSQ. The Borg can be broken down into smaller parts which makes it ideal for travelling with. The FSQ is build like a tank!

Based on all that I would get the FSQ with the f/4 reducer.



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another FSQ convert here. I nearly went the Borg route but the whole thing has to be virtually dis-assembled to get the reducer on or off (the super reducer that is) and you end up with lots of joins in the ota. The FSQ is seriously sharp, rigid and has a heavy focuser as well as the ability to rotate to get the correct framing. Something that is essential if you have screw thread fittings.

I started using mine with an Artemis 11002 which has a 36x24mm chip and it covers it well and is sharp to the corners. I don't know what size your camera is but if it is near 35mm I would forgo the reducer until you have the feel of the scope. The field is pretty wide at 530mm and at f5 it is quick as well.


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You can get a rotator for the Borg, which I have, and it works very well! Having thought about it a little more, I would get the Borg!! By virtue of the fact that everything is screw fit, there is not a chance of slump (one of the reasons why I have a borg!)


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