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  1. Looks like a monster! Lets hope it performs better than it looks! lol! Hmmm, that is just not true Nick. If you have spikey / noisey PE then you will end up making lots of corrections, which results in loss of detail and star bloat. EQ6's suffer from this as do CGE's. The major factor of the more expensive big mounts (apart from payload) is that the PE is smooth (and low) Eddie
  2. yawza! did you see the price it went for, a staggering £1100!! Really wish I had been to that auction! Eddie
  3. I bet this was the one that was purchased at the telescope planet auction sale for £150, not long back as the seller appears to live near. If that's the one he appears to be making a tidy profit already!!
  4. Well the SBIG one (and the starlight xpress) compensate for atmospheric turbulence via the guiding system so the telescope does not end up chasing the seeing thus reducing the number of required corrections, thus increasing the fine detail captured. While different to adaptive optics in pro scopes, it does have a similar desired effect! Eddie
  5. Obsession telescopes supply their scopes with servocat if you want it. Servocat is available on it's own to fit to most scopes, though I think you do need to use argo navis with it also. Eddie
  6. Hi Nick, I am unsure exactly are you intimating at? This mount is not masquerading as a goto mount. It is the for runner to the GTO series. Even an older AP will be a million times better than an EQ6! But this, of course, is reflected in the price, just like it is against the newer AP1200 which would be significantly more expensive. What exactly is wrong with this mount? You've have suggested that mount has problems without any backup. If your wondering why I am questioning you, it is because I am thinking of buying this mount myself and would like to know the downsides, if any. Cheers, Eddi
  7. Hi Euan, Have you thought about taking a flat without the TRF? It may be that the optical window / shutter can not operate at faster f ratios because of sharp light cone that the optics would produce. HTH, Eddie
  8. Hmmm, that's an interesting comparison. The flat does look a little disappointing though. It would seem to me that the optical window is not quite large enough to work at f5 and still fully illuminate the 8300 chip. 1. Either this or the vignetting could be caused by the constraints of the shutter; as the chip appears to be set some way back from the shutter. 2. How long were your exposures for your flats? I have heard of regular illumination problems with short exposure lengths when taking flats (ie under 2 seconds) with full frame sensors. HTH, Eddie
  9. Hi Anthony, My thoughts exactly! Having played with the camera, I have to say I just can't wait! Cheers, Eddie
  10. There should not be that much play in it, even for an EQ6. I would look at making sure that the mesh is correct otherwise guiding will be a bit of a nightmare. Eddie
  11. Sounds like backlash in the gears to me. You might want to open the mount inspection holes up and check the meshing of the gears. Eddie
  12. unless you really needed to put a big scope on your mount. get a HEQ5 Pro (or syntrek) as they have smoother PE and thus will increase detail in your images. Eddie
  13. Actually the one thing the RC does have is field curvature, while the field is larger and flatter than a SCT they still do need a corrector to correct for the curvature on bigger sensors (35mm sizes and up). They are completely free from Coma, Spherical Aberration and Chromatic Aberration. Another big advantage is the small spot size, on and off axis. Eddie
  14. I would not bother cleaning such a small spot, this will have no effect on the performance of the scope. Also using neat IPA, even on the cloth could damage the coatings on the optics. It is best to mix it with some distilled water (or cooled boiled water if you don't have any distilled water), do a 50% mix. HTH, Eddie
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