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Carbon star WZ Cas-Struve 254

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This is one star that I tend to observe in the warmer months, however it's

worthy of observation on any clear night. Using 102mm f/8 refractor at 25x,

had beta Cas and WZ Cas just about in the same field of view. The view is

busy with lots of stars, however you simply cannot miss WZ Cas, its colour betrys

it location, no other star in the field of view has the same appearence.

This circumpolar treat is found within 2° of the naked eye star Beta Cas.

WZ Cas is a semi-regular variable star, usually seen around magnitude 8.0.

It is also a Carbon star having a very deep red-orange colour in the eyepiece.

WZ also has a wide companion star (P.A. 89°, Sep 58.1") of the eigth magnitude,

that is easily seen in small telescopes or large binoculars.

There are also two more fainter companions of the eleventh magnitude visible

in the field of view.

In the eyepiece, WZ had the most gorgeous deep orange colour. While the 8th magnitude

companion had the slightest hint of pale blue. The 11th mag companions were easily

picked-up. I took an image with the digital camera, and the colours are wonderful.

This is a real gem of a double star, that's well worth checking out.

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