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hi first post new to astronomy

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hello all the other day i was walking through idl and i came across a telescope it was 59 pounds so i thought ill give this a go its a bresser skylux ng. i dont know anything at all about astronomy i was an impulsive buy so i thought id do some research and see wether i should keep it or not also to see if astronomy interests me or not. the specs are achromatic refracting telescope with 2 lenses, focal lenth 700mm, lens diameter 70mm, magnification 35 - 58 - 175 x (depending on eye peice), viewfinder 6x25, mount equatorial (eq-3)on a vertically adjustable aluminium tripod. is this good ?what can i see from it? i read somewhere i can look at the sun through this is it because the scope is made out of plastic ? what are the filters used for?will this unable me to look at the sun? and the most important question where shall i set it up?thanks again sorry to bombard you with the questions but im like a child in a toy shop at the moment

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Just a quick reply at the moment as it's late - don't try and look at the sun !!! - it's very dangerous without specialist equipment - the filters are not for that.

I'm sure you will get other, less dramatic, reponses soon but it's better to be safe than sorry !.


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I think for £60 its as good a starter scope as any you'd find at that price. My first scope as a kid was about the same. I haven't seen the scope but it was rated on one of the boards as a bargain.


Surpised the Bresser doesnt have a warning label saying that. Most scopes do.

The filter is probably a moon filter and I'd think the scope would give some decent views of planets and the moon.

No idea on a quick start guide really.

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The 70mm aperture is reasonable as a starter scope. It all depends on how dark your sky is - if you live in a rural area the scope will show lots of objects, including faint galaxies but not if you are in the middle of a town or city. The light pollution spoilts the view.

The Moon is visible after sunset so it's a good object to start with. Nearby is a bright "star" which is Venus.

You might find this website useful for understanding your scope



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