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Walking on the Moon

Skywatcher Pillar Mount Dimensions


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I am thinking of buying one of these for my AYO alt/az mount but could do with some dimensions as I can't seem to find this information on the net. Specifically I need the height, diameter of the pillar and length of one of the feet (from the pillar outwards). If you have one of these I wouldn't mind your opinion as well regarding stability.



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Hi Mark

Did you ever find the answer to these questions?

Like you, I'm considering one of these or the more expensive epsilon-telescopes version, which I suspect may be better.

Still can't find the answer on the internet.


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Hi guys!

A leg extends 42 cm from the pillar. (43 if you include the head of the end bolts that adjusts the level of the pillar)

The actual pillar is 4" outer diameter, so about 102 mm.

It is 87 cm high resting on the little wheels and using the screws at the end of each leg it goes up another 4 or so.

For the cash it's very solid but from what I gather a pier can't be solid enough so this one probably falls into the visual observation use category, as it rings like Westminster Abbey if you whack it. I have yet to try it for imaging tho and hope to use it for lunar/planetary.

All the best


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Hi Jessun

Thanks for that.

I can now compare it with the epsilon one, but as you say, visual only really for a pillar like this. It's what I do now but I perhaps I should consider how this hobby might develop in the future !!!

Thanks for the info.


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Thanks BlueAstra

Looks like it my be on for a bit of imaging in the future then.

Drawings very useful for comparing with the Epsilon -telescopes pillar which is similar but more expensive - a bit bigger I think.


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