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  1. Thanks for your support chaps, voting closes tomorrow *bump*
  2. Bit of a shameless plug here for my son David, but I thought this might interest some and hopefully get a few more "Likes" added at the same time Details and link to 3 minute video: ICG student competes in FameLab | Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation
  3. Just thought I'd like to share this with you, my son David is in his 3rd year reading Physics at Oxford and has had his first short article printed: The Oxford Student I am immensely proud of my son and his continuing achievements and together we have spent many hours together reading and enjoying this forum. He is state school and further educated at our local college, no silver spoon here! The undergraduate astronomy society he assists with is not well funded and they mainly use donated equipment (and what he has acquired from me!). Anyway to all you Dad's out there you now have another exc
  4. Hmmm...a ZV5000 eh, knocking on a bit now so my guess is a dead or dying CMOS battery. Unfortunately these are no so easy to replace but it is do-able see here for info: HP Pavilion zv5000 cmos location - Tech Support Forum I have a maintenance and service guide pdf for this model if you would like a copy please pm me. Regards Mark
  5. Can I suggest a completely different approach given your budget and possible desire to view through the loft window. A good pair of binoculars and a copy of Philips Stargazing with Binoculars book Here's why: 1. Binoculars are easy to use. portable and great for learning the night sky 2. £150 will buy a really good quality pair which you can initially use without a mount/tripod 3. if you get fed up with stargazing they are still useful anyway 4. If you don't then many of us have both a telescope and binoculars so you could gauge interest before going for a scope, understand exactly what you wo
  6. I don't think you have any comeback with Paypal when sending money as a gift. If you are concerned I would suggest an offer to pay the sellers Paypal fees yourself. This may cost you a bit extra but at least you will be protected. If the seller does not agree to this then I would not proceed.
  7. I owned an HEQ6 Pro and used it extensively in my back garden (on a housing estate) without issue. It was very quiet and performed flawlessly. I recently bought a used CG5 GT which also performs well but I'm afraid is just too noisy to use in the same situation late at night. A good strip down, careful re-adjustment and re-grease helps but does not reduce the noise sufficiently to feel comfortable using it in the small hours. I have not received any complaints as yet and don't wish to so I switch over to manual slewing at rate 7 after 11.00pm. If this doesn't suit you and you can afford it the
  8. Try here: 8.32 UNC x 1.1/2" Socket Capscrew
  9. I put skywatcher az3 handles on mine, a perfect fit and much more user friendly. FLO should be able to supply these?
  10. Colour Management is a huge subject covered in big books and various training courses so I can only give some basic answers here and pointers to further information. Firstly, the image you see on screen is made up from Red, Green and Blue (RGB) whereas the printer has to cope with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black so straight away there's a difference which will prevent you from getting an exact colour match. That's not to say you can't get closer, try researching ICC Profiles if you have plenty of spare time! A good starting point with links is: Making prints match your screen I rarely print
  11. Surely if the + remains on a star following rotation of the RA then it is in alignment or am I missing something here? If the reticule can be adjusted to achieve this then regardless of its final position it is concentric and within tolerance.
  12. The eccentricity you are referring to allows the + to be concentric with the true RA axis. I believe the adjustment is included by design to allow for what would otherwise be extremely difficult to achieve: perfect alignment of the polar scope bore and the RA bearing.
  13. Depends which operating system you are using, if it's windows xp see this: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/networking/learnmore/jones_02august05.mspx
  14. Well here's the problem (if it is a problem to you). The TMB is a beautifully made instrument with excellent optics and the OO is an instrument with excellent optics. Whether or not you get what you want depends on your own expectations. For my part I want all round excellence not just in the optics but the whole package. This is one area where opinions vary, the other (which hasn't arisen as yet) is the measurement of optical quality and how that translates in real life usage. Frustratingly, I have first hand experience of OO so I know they are capable of delivering an all round excellent pro
  15. Please don't feel that way, I would have been more than happy if my wife had bought me an etx when I started out. It does what it says on the tin, I had many good nights out with it and it got me hooked as I said. Use it and enjoy it, if it floats your boat maybe you will keep it or upgrade it later. if it doesn't you can always sell it without losing a fortune.
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