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'Nother short 'un.

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I ahd expected a cloudy night, but when I went out for a look after dinner, it was clear. So I hauled the scope out, and spent a while not finding M81/82 again, although I think I'm getting better at not finding it. I only had a short time to look, as Boston Legal comes on at 10:00, so I pointed the scope at the Orion Nebula, as I wanted to do a comparison test on my two Barlows, to decide which one to sell. I decided to keep my older Barlow, and get rid of the one in the Celestron kit, as the one in the kit seems to give a crisper image, though only slightly. I was quite impressed with the view of M42 at 225x, which I have never done before. I could actually see structure in the nebula. At lower mags, it appears as a bluish smear. With the older Barlow, I could make out all four stars in the Trap a little easier, too. Profitable night, and there may not be another clear night for a week.

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