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26MM Plossl eyepiece

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I have just bought a BRESSER EXOS 2, 8" Reflector telescope with GoTo Mount but, when I look through the 26 mm eyepiece that came with the telescope, all I see is blob of darkness which obviously is the secondary mirror and it's mount, even when I adjust the focus from one extreme to the other ? why ?.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

This is what you see when the scope is not in focus as I think you have realised. Have you got a 2" extension tube / 2" eyepiece adapter in the focuser ?. If so, remove that just put the eyepiece in the focuser tube without the extension / adapter in place.

Edit: I'm assuming that you have the scope lined up on a bright star or planet in suggesting the above.


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If this is one with a Hexafoc focuser there is usually an extension piece supplied in the boxes but not fitted to make the focuser smaller for transportation. This will have to be fitted between the main focuser body and the 2" eyepiece clamp. The clamp has a grub screw that will need to be loosened to allow the clamp to be unscrewed. The photos below show the 2" eyepiece clamp when removed from the focuser and the extra extension piece that came with my scope. Your extension(s) may be a different length.


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Thanks for the response, I have in fact tried both with and without the extension piece withe the same result. I also have a 6" reflectof and when look through the same eyepiece I see the primary mirror only no blobs, but I don't have a mount for this one and it in need of a good clean-up.

As yet I have not had a chance to see anything due to cloud cover but tonight looks favaourable and I'll try again.

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