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Walking on the Moon

47 Tuc ZWO ASI 1600mm


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47 tuc is a globular cluster located in the constellation Tucana. It is about 13,000 light years away from Earth, and 120 light years across. 47 Tuc can be seen with the naked eye, with an apparent magnitude of 4.1, due to its far southern location, 18° from the south celestial pole, it was not cataloged by European astronomers until the 1750s.

47 Tucanae is the second brightest globular cluster after Omega Centauri, and it is one of the most massive globular clusters in the Galaxy, containing millions of stars. 47 tuc may contain a blackhole at the center.

HEQ5 Pro belt mod
ZWO ASI 1600mm
Lum 2min x 37 = 74min
Red 3min x 44 = 132min
Green 3min x 41 = 123min
Blue 3min x 39 = 117min
Total exposure = 7.4hrs

NGC 104.jpg

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My favourite globular.  Always one of the first DSOs I head for with a scope when I travel south of the equator.  Spectacular even in my 60mm Tak, it knocks your socks off in a 12" scope.  The core is like looking directly into a torch.

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