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SkyWatcher 130M Focuser 40mm Thread to T Adapter


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I have a Baader helical focuser adapter which connects to my focuser via a T thread on the eyepiece holder. It works for everything other my two BGO's (5mm and 6mm) as there's not enough inward travel to reach focus. The eyepiece holder unscrews to reveal a 40mm thread. It's a long shot but I'm hoping to find an adapter that would take that 40mm thread and adapter it to T thread. Should give a bit more inward travel and hopefully allow me to reach focus with the BGO's. There's some discussion on the thread here:

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated!

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To work round the issue above, I found a 40mm to 42mm adapter on eBay for £4 including postage. It arrived today and fitted nicely on the mystery 40mm thread. Just took it outside for a quick test run on the moon (the clouds kindly cleared for me) and it worked with my 32mm plossl and my 5mm and 6mm BGO none of which would reach focus previously. Another bonus is that the Baader Helical Focus uses a compression ring rather than the locking screws used on the standard eyepiece holder.





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