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  •  200/1200 dobson
  •  ZWO ASI 290MC with a 2.5x Powermate (imaging camera)
  •  ZWO ASI 1600MM (guide camera)
  •  375 gain
  •  0.75 msec exposure
  •  Recorded at 160 fps

Captured by manually tracking the Dobson while looking at the live view of the ZWO 1600, which was attached to the finder scope.

Out of roughly 45.000 frames 127 contained the ISS. My tracking was pretty bad this time, I only managed to get some frames around the highest elevation. The radiators are still overexposed, even tough I reduzed exposure time by 25% compared to last time.

 Frames with ISS selected using PIPP. Shadows/Highlights, Levels, Curves and gif done in Photoshop.

Gif looks a lot better as the single frames all suffer from optical issues.


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