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Any ideas on focusing modification?


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Well I have been trying out the old refractor, and to be honest I am having difficulty in focusing.

The method that the scope came with was a simple draw tube, which is fine at low magnifications.

At higher magnifications, 100X or more, the tube is not sensitive enough, and the object keeps going out of field because of the amount of force required to move the tube.

The tube is brass sliding through a brass sleeve mounted in wood. see the foto.


I do not want to mark the wood, if at all possible, and possible may want sell it in as origional condition as possible.

So any ideas / sugesstions welcome. I have one idea that involves a long bolt and a jubilee clip?


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Yes Arthur, I have been looking at them and wondering. (The money they cost may not be worth it for this scope, but could be transferred later to a better scope, or the funds could go towards a OMC140 that I have seen advertised recently! :lol:)


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