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Struggling with Solar Close ups

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Im struggling to get PiPP to recongnise AFB and AOI to get close up details out of an AVI and 300 odd Raw Frames, anybody the main problem is PiPP regects 100% of the frames based on not detecting AFB..

Any Advice please?

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Could you share the first 10 or so frames of your capture so I can take a look at what is going wrong?

Select these options in PIPP and it should produce something small enough to share.

* Input Options Tab->Input Frame Range->Limit Frame Range from 1 to 10
* Output Options Tab->Output Format->AVI
* Output Options Tab->AVI File Options->AVI Codec = FMP4
* Output Options Tab->AVI File Options->Quality = 6


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I was looking for just the raw data, it is the rejected frames that I am most interested in.  However, for data like thiswhere the features are very small I would recommend using a very small AFB.  The reason is that PIPP first finds the approximate position of the of the AFB by doing a search on a heavily sub-sampled version of the image.  The larger the AFB, the more sub-sampled it is.  A large AFB around a small feature may see the feature vanish when the image is sub-sampled.

Something like this or this is probably best for data such as this, though hard to tell without seeing the rejected frames:




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