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EU Sky route project (DOA)


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(not a political topic!)

Now that the Blighty is on its way out of the EU, a look at the EU-funded project which pretty much exemplifies one's (mis)conceptions about the Brussels money drain. Now, the promising premise ( :) ) was that there is some potential in EU astro tourism. But look at the miserable execution of the project, the bureucratic cant-be-bothered attitude...lo and behold


You will, of course, first notice that the short burst of activity was quickly followed by...tumbleweeds. The activity was more of the 'activity' sort. I bet you that there is more free information here in the Astro lounge than on the grand total of those EU-funded pages. Grand total of two newsletters and some project methodology nonsense.

Speaking of which, it would be really cool to compile here a topic where people would post links and directions to astro properties in Europe (a la one owned by @ollypenrice), the first page of which would be updated constantly. Alternatively, we might wait for the EU to fund another project. :) 


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