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Binocular hinge front bush sizes


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Hi I have just bought L bracket adaptors to fit my old bins to monopods for the kids to use. The problem is my old 1970's binos appear to have a larger bush than the standard 1/4" that all these L bracket mounts have.


Unfortunately it is not the same size or thread as the tripod bush 1/4" to 3/8" adaptors 


So I was just wondering if this was an industry standard size back then and if anyone knows what size it is?

For future binocular purchases it would also be handy to know

Which, if any, makes of old bins have the correct bush to accept these L brackets? 

Roughly when the current 1/4" became standard? 

Any new models to avoid (which dont have it)?





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That is not a mounting bush. It is one of the screws that holds the hinge together.

Those binoculars did not have mounting bushes - you need to get a hinge clamp; Opticron do one, and there is another kind usually called a "Kaiser clamp". Please do ask if you need more detailed advice.

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I have a manfrotto super clamp that I have used before but I was looking for something lightweight that the kids could maneuver easily. Bins plus super clamp plus ball head is heavy for the little one (6yrs old)

There is no exposed hinge column for the Opticron centre clamp.

Do you know if these front hinge bolts are a standard size throughout bins of this era? If I can find matching bolts I might try and tap the centre of one to 1/4" to take the mount. (Lol I have two different bins like this I'll try and swap the bolts later)

Or even something like this I could epoxy onto one of the 1/4" mounts


How about other bins from the 70's do they all lack the front hinge mounting bush?




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