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  1. Hi twintin I am interested in the Rigel Quikfinder. Is it still available? cheers bert Ah just noticed grumpy martian proffed it back in August NM
  2. I have a manfrotto super clamp that I have used before but I was looking for something lightweight that the kids could maneuver easily. Bins plus super clamp plus ball head is heavy for the little one (6yrs old) There is no exposed hinge column for the Opticron centre clamp. Do you know if these front hinge bolts are a standard size throughout bins of this era? If I can find matching bolts I might try and tap the centre of one to 1/4" to take the mount. (Lol I have two different bins like this I'll try and swap the bolts later) Or even something like this I could epoxy onto one
  3. Hi I have just bought L bracket adaptors to fit my old bins to monopods for the kids to use. The problem is my old 1970's binos appear to have a larger bush than the standard 1/4" that all these L bracket mounts have. Unfortunately it is not the same size or thread as the tripod bush 1/4" to 3/8" adaptors So I was just wondering if this was an industry standard size back then and if anyone knows what size it is? For future binocular purchases it would also be handy to know Which, if any, makes of old bins have the correct bush to accept these L brackets? Ro
  4. Hi Anthony I just been checking this out myself and saw this guy on CN had used double sided tape to mount the shoe and has no problems adding and using then removing the rdf again. worth a try I guess? failing that I guess you could just use a big velcro or elastic band around it. Something like a couple of thick bands cut from a car sized inner tube might work well?
  5. Wait there's more .. Lol I think there might be a beer named after every famous astro sight I like beer might have to collect all these
  6. One from CN 100 Binocular Deep Sky Objects for Observing as Groups An observing list from the logs of Ed Zarenski
  7. Drank this sunny beer Hehe I was thinking of this US one Saw these but never tried em
  8. Hi Jules, I can completely sympathise. The blaady British weather has been putting me off buying any astro gear in the 6 years since my interest was sparked. Well until last month lol. Don't know what happened there?? Guess I was too busy caught up trawling internet drooling over gear that I forgot to check outside. Hehe this is my plan. I've scoured on google maps the B roads of my closest dark sites searching for any spot to pull off the road and set up that isn't someones driveway.
  9. Was contemplating the same question just a month ago. Unfortunately I didn't join SGL to ask before blowing my grand on ex demo APM ED Semi apo bins and used manfrotto 117b tripod and MV502AH head to mount it on. Guess with all the cloud I seem to constantly have this seemed like the easiest way to have something I could set up quick and and transport easily. I was also kind of hoping I could find a BIG dob owner nearby and offer the services of my camper van to transport them to a dark site in return for a peek at the deep stuff
  10. I just found this study which agrees with the 1.4x increase for point light sources but goes on to suggest that for viewing extended objects that increase may be as much as 1.6 - 1.8x. All to do with the gain in contrast apparently. http://arieotte-binoscopes.nl/Binocular Summation Factor.pdf
  11. Those lens hoods look like a great piece of kit. Very impressive, looks quality especially with the googly eyes
  12. Orange zoomers with variable objectives lol scary
  13. Hi BinocularSky Oh thats what I was worried about. Kind of rules out buying them as bargain used individual ep then, thats a shame. Looks like I shall be saving up for a good few months at least. The two sets that came with the binos are completely unmarked. What do these batch numbers look like and exactly how close would they require to be? And thank you very much for your newsletter I can tell it is going to be my goto bino resource every month. Cheers bertie
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. laudropb I went bonkers and blew my whole astro budget in a oner, started off looking at the Skywatchers, then got distracted by a set of used Helois Quantum 7.1 and eventually plumped for the APM 100 ED semi apos, the slightly cheaper ones in the black aluminium casing. Completely overlooking the fact they were too heavy for my current tripod and head. So officially in the dog house this week now. Stu1976j I can hide behind the Lomond hills and block out most of the light pollution to the South, Its useful for observing from NW to E. I used to take
  15. Hi Sonny & Peter Thank you for your replies. I am more than happy to take your advice and not rush into unnecessary eyepiece purchases. The payday loan was said tongue in cheek as I certainly wouldn't be getting myself in debt for them. I was just looking for some suitable ep ideas in case complete bargains appear in the for sale section before I've done all my homework on them. Haha so the green laser pointer is just to impress the kids eh. I hope the red dot sight wont really become necessary until I up the magnification a bit. Is there a way to mount the sight to my carry handle
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