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M33 lum, with new corrector


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This is a quick test shot from last night - in between fireworks and battlefield smoke :)  My objective was to test the Large Field Corrector I just fit to the NP127is, and there's a clear improvement in the corners when using the Moravian G4 with its huge sensor. It's not quite right I think, the spacing is not perfect (I measured it and it looked 'about' right, within a mm or so anyway). I forgot the fact that my Flats library would be invalid with this extra glass in there, and there is a big difference in illumination, so that's going to be today's job. In the meantime I used the old flats and tried to correct dark corners using StarTools's 'Wipe' tool set for 'vignetting', and it's done a respectable job considering but I didn't try that hard and it's not quite right (explains the bright circle which cuts the corners off :) ). 

10 x 900s Lum


Full res: http://s970.photobucket.com/user/ChrisLX200/media/Astro - Images G4-16000/M33 Lum ST_zpsyc6cvfys.jpg.html


By way of demonstrating the large FOV offered by the Moravian G4, below is M33 uysing the same scope (focal length 660mm for both images) but captured with an Atik490EX camera. That's what makes it difficult to post images here - the larger image scale above actually contains similar detail but at first glance looks to be just a smaller version. It's not - it has the same resolution but covering a much larger area! :)




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Given your points above, the field and the far corners are much improved with your football pitch-sized ccd (:icon_biggrin: - not jealous honest).  This is evident when you examine the hi-res.

I'm looking forward to seeing images with your rig as you refine your spacing, flats etc.

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Thanks Barry, conditions last night were not good and stars were 2x the size I would have normally expected them to be, hope that isn't the corrector to blame! Anyway, onwards and upwards - real test will be the Flaming Star and ic410 nebs I've started, I won't be pursuing RGB on M33.


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