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Walking on the Moon

Snowdonia & Anglesey Road Trip

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I recently went for a week in the North Wales area, mainly concentrating on the Anglesey and Snowdonia area. Thankfully we managed quite a few clear nights and I thought I would share a couple of the astro shots...


The first couple are classic shots of the Milky Way going down over Llanddwyn Island (Ynys Llanddwyn), looking South over the Llyn peninsula. 3rd shows what I think is an iridium flare (?).


Moving over to the Penmon lighthouse, there was reported aurora possibly visible down to South Wales, unfortunately I did not see it...



The next night found us shooting around Llandberis, the Lone Tree at Llyn Padarn was a shot I wanted to try to get, it was good to be able to get a clear view of the summit of Snowden, 2 x 30" exposures of the ISS, also caught a possible meteor and a bit of a photobomb from Andromeda.    Moving up the Llanberis pass we dropped down to Llynnau Mymbyr to get shots back toward Snowdon.   Rather pleased with the vertical shot, it shows a helicopter rescue on Snowden, a bit of the Milky Way and an interesting streak.


For the last night of astro shooting saw us back on Anglesey for another great night. Starting at South Stack, I was trying to get the moonset, Milky Way and the Lighthouse - this was a single 30" shot, I then used my hand to block the bottom of the image which possibly has about a 10" exposure.  Finally we moved across to shoot the Lynnon Mill

John Baker - 001.jpgJohn Baker - 002.jpgJohn Baker - 003.jpg

The area has lots of amazing sights for both day and astro shooting, I was really pleased with the results and was really lucky with great locations and interesting skies...


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