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Zerochromat apo


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I realise there has been a thread on this before and on cloudy nights but it seems no independent members have one or have used one. If any one has please update with your comments. I'm considering an 8" apo for visual use. My concern regarding this instrument is the cost seems too low if it really delivers. For example on the 8" the first flat looks as though it is about 6". Edmund charges about £2000 for this alone. On top of that there's the main lens, another small flat and a couple of what must be highly accurately ground correcting lenses, plus the mechanicals. A cff scope on the other hand has just three (large) lenses and similar mechanicals but costs £22,000. Any wise thoughts or knowledge anyone?

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I remember seeing this in an old issue of AN and also in the metal at Astrofest a couple of years ago.

TBH the collimation of this will need to be done carefully and systematicaly.

Given the funds (Which I don't have) I'd go for the CFF every time. It's a pure design, and with only 2 air-glass surfaces will have much less scattered light to reduce contrast.

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