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PHD2 starts EQMOD as well as Stellariumscope advice please


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Just getting back into  DSO imaging. Setup the laptop so all the necessary software drivers etc had to be installed. I use EQMOD with my AZEQ6 GT, worked 100% on the old laptop but not now.

I run Stellariumscope scope which runs Stellariumscope & starts EQMOD,  then I used to start PHD2 & all was well but now PHD2 has decided to run EQMOD as well when I start it so I have 2 EQMOD running but only the first one started by Stellariumscope scope works so PHD2 won't even calibrate. Anyone know PHD2 is doing this ?

Worked very well before but not on this new laptop.


Any advice would be really welcome as it's driving me up the wall.

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In case someone has similar fault I shall explain, all that happened was that 2 pieces of software were run as administrator & were in compatibility mode ie Windows 7, PHD2 was not, changed the start up for it & the guide star moved & NO 2nd version of EQMod appeared hey hey hey :-)

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