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Plug and play AP software

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Being a bit of an IT dinosaur I am looking for some AP software (willing to buy if necessary) that is simple to access and use "Plug and Play"

It will need to stack avi and cr2 files from ZWO and Canon camera respectively - I couldn't get DSS version 3.4.4 to work so given up on it. 

Ideally it will be one package that does the both.

Ideally it will come with system discs as opposed to downloads

Needs to work on windows 10

I don't have the time or inclination to spend hours and hours processing to extract the most detail possible, I'm looking for something that I can upload say a dozen lights or a short video and then press go and spend say 10 - 15 minutes to obtain a half decent image (whatever that means)

If you're able to help I'd be grateful



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I use the following software depending on the file type to process

AVI: Registax 6; free to download

FITS/RAW Capture: Nebulosity 4; purchase for download

FITS processing: Pixinsight

Scope/Mount control: Stellarium and EQMod

You can use Nebulosity 4 to process your images as well as capture them - some find they can get good results with it. I tried it and it worked but PixInsight has many more scripts to help with processing and I find I get better results.

It's also a really stable capture platform and I've had no troubles with it using a QHY8, ASI1600MM, ASI120MC

Hope that helps :-)



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