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EQ5 Polar Align

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Hi All,

Over the last couple of sessions I have noticed that when I manually polar align my eq5 pro and then run the polar align through the handset I have to make massive adjustments align.

It is almost like I am using two different stars...I'm not I triple checked last night and every time was the same.

I know to polar align these mounts is a pain and have read the issue with rubbish polar clocks but this has me scratching my head.

Has anyone had similar issue.

I think I will double check the alignment on the polar scope today but cannot see it being this much out.



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Any chance that something on the mount has altered? Thinking along the Latitude setting. You should be about 51.5 degrees. Is the latitude scale accurate ? After that a bit stuck - I know people say that it is unnecessary to level the mount but never sure of this entirely. I half suspect that you need not but it makes life easier if the thing starts out level. Again I suppose the latitude scale has to be an angle relative to something and that must be a level mount.

Have you the right data in whatever software. Not something like the app is showing where Polaris in by eye, sort of true position, but not through a polarscope ? Some show all options some you have to pick the view. Just thinking it may have toggled itself.

Suppose that you have not modified the polar scope? Someone did by adding a diagonal, easier to view, they lost all alignment as they did not take into account the N/S switch caused by the diagonal.

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Hi Ronin

No nothing has changed I have tried several apps/software to get the position of polaris. I am going to try and get out if I get a break in the rain and the time to check everything in daylight.

At times when using the handset the star chosen for PA has not even appeared in the fov using a 20mm eyepiece and I have ran out of play in az to move into position and had to recentre and move the actual mount and start again.

very odd.


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