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Sh2-132 Bicolor


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Televue np101is with .8x reducer (f4.2), SBIG STT-8300m with 3nm Astrodon filters.

Ha 18 30 min subs (9 hrs)

OIII 15 30min subs (7.5 hrs)

20 darks, 33 flats, 400 biases per sub

I am waiting to collect the SII data on this target and thought I'd try a bicolor as I have seen some nice bicolor images of this target.  I tried to not overdo things but it was very difficult to stop processing and I kept ending up with images like the last 2 attached. 

Image 1 and Image 2:  Perhaps I have gone too far and put the Pixinsight blemish on the images.  I literally could not find a place to stop between #3 and #1.  Perhaps when I get the SII data it will be easier.

Image 3:  Just rendered non linear, virtually no processing after this conversion



Bicolor-H-O-O-just non linear.jpg

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