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NGC 281 widefield and crop with 100D and 72 ED-R


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From two nights ago. 9 X 10 min subs at iso 400 and 11 X 10 min subs at iso 800. Master Biases and Flats, Dithered, UHC clip filter, Gradient removed in Pixinsight LE and stacked in DSS and processed in PS. 

The reason for differing iso's is that I plan to do two images, process exactly the same and see the effects of different iso's on noise and detail. If I can get away with using iso 400 without much loss of data, then I will! In the meantime, I produced this image with all 20 subs, mainly because I lack patience and couldn't wait :blob8:

Here is the crop:-

NGC 281 crop.png


And here is the widefield:-

NGC 281 all subs finished.png


I must say I am mighty pleased with this scope. Some stars at the edges are a bit 'blobby', but my skills at reducing star sizes is getting better. I have come to the conclusion that the problem, if it is one, is in the .8 reducer.


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