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As people may know had a few teething problems been dying to get out weather been rubbish, anyway just looked outside last night 10.45 what do I see clear skies quick get my stuff out Polar aligned quicker that ever, put weights and scope on tweaked Polar alignment then I was ready.  2 star alignment went for Altair and Alkaid first star scope was low managed get it in slewed to Alkaid only had tweak perfect now lets see how we go. M15 what a cluster at 40x looked liked tight ball of stars at 125x bright central core with satellite stars beautiful. M34 in FOV again hey this is going good, nice open cluster at 66x blue white stars but can see a few red ones on the outskirts. M73 like an arrow in the sky of stars 66x brilliant. M72 40x how lovely 125x superb glorious cluster. M11 Oh my 125x this is a beautiful open cluster all be it they are close together blue/white stars. M27 66x with UHC filter could make out the shape brilliant. M29 another object I have not seen open cluster 40x I`m dancing round the mount now cannot believe going so good. NGC 6910 40x lovely Y shaped cluster only small though. NGC 8883 40x this was a bit tricky loads of stars hard to make out 66x could make out 3/4 bright stars and 2 red stars. A favorite now NGC 457 (Owl cluster) showed it to the wife she went wow that`s brilliant at 66x was very easy see the shape. NGC 654 this is part of a triple cluster near Cassiopeia at 40x centre looked orange but the rest were red. NGC 659 small open cluster at 40x some lovely blue and white stars. NGC 663 40x big cluster with lots of red and orange stars cracking cluster. M56 this was hard I could only see a fuzzy even at 125x looked like a cloud I`m thinking may have had a bit of dew not sure will look at this again. M57 at 66x this is truly one of the best objects to look at a polo mint in the sky. M81 and M82 got them both in 25mm 40x.  At this point cloud was coming over fairly quickly so had to pack up but I am ecstatic everything came together and every object was in FOV cannot wait for more like this 17 objects in just over an hour fantastic.

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I know I was the same new mount and scope not properly tried out came out if work at 22:00 last night and hot tailed it home as fast as I could dragged the gear out and after a faff about regarding power I manager a few items before the clouds built up

I'm new to this astronomy job and do a lot of carp fishing and long for good weather, but for the first time in a long time I'm looking forward to the winter skies and clear nights


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