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Guy Hurst to speak at Swindon Stargazers


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On Friday 16 September we welcome Guy Hurst Who will be speaking on Star Clusters, here is a short resume of Guy Hurst:

He became Editor of 'The Astronomer', a monthly magazine for active observers of the night sky, in 1975 and still hold this post 34 years later which shows it is dangerous to volunteer!

In 1976 he formed the UK Nova/Supernova patrol to encourage amateur astronomers to search for these exploding stars. The numerous successes using both simple binoculars and more advanced electronic telescopes means the project appeals to many observers.

From 2001 to 2003, he was President of the British Astronomical Association and earlier, in June 1998,  received the Walter Goodacre Medal from the Association .

In October 2005 he received an award from the Royal Astronomical Society (professional astronomers) for services to astronomy.

His main aim has been to promote active observing of the night sky.

Swindon Stargazers meets at Liddington Villlage Hall just outside Swindon, more details here: http://www.swindonstargazers.com/clubdiary/directions01.htm

All welcome!

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